Ricardo Achcar

NATIONALITY: Brazilian   FAMILY STATUS: Divorced  

Authorized to work in the United States of America 

PROFESSION: International motor racing consultant, Inventor, Advertising and Marketing.Car designer and automobile constructor, Test Driver, Suspension & Drivetrain Geometry specialist. 


Activities as per  -  Professional Profile in the Motoracing 


Elementary/Junior High School - Ecole des Peres Jesuites - Beirouth - Lebanon. 

High School - Ginásio Nova Friburgo (Fundação Getulio Vargas)  Nova Friburgo - Estado do Rio de Janeiro - Brasil .  1954) - High School - Ecole Nouvelle de Paudex - Lausanne - Paudex - Switzerland.   (1956)-Université  des Hautes Etudes commerciales GeneveSwitzerland. 

Ecole Internationale des Langues - Certificate of Conclusion of German and Italian Course. 

Apprenticeship in Daimler - Benz AG - Stuttgart Germany (Racing and Sports Car Construction). 

Apprenticeship at Alfa Romeo / De Graffenried - Lausanne - Switzerland (Racing & Engine Preparation). 

Mercedes  Benz do Brasil - São Caetano - São Paulo – Brasil : São Caetano   Apprenticeship on Special Tools and Heavy Vehicles Line Assembling. 


S.B.S - Publicidade e Promoção Ltda. Rio de Janeiro -    Brasil       Book/Brochure : The new marketing ways and sponsorship in motor racing apprenticeship and development of new techniques of approach to the motor racing business.  

Estate of Rio de Janeiro Champion in Formula Car Racing.             

Reporter for "O Jornal dos Esportes" on the autonews subject.

Team manager and driver for Exxon Motor Oil Co.

Two years Advertising Contract for Exxon to    sponsor de Rio de Janeiro Racing Track. 

Motor Racing Stables Racing Driver Course Brands Hatch - Kent - England. Granted a hand written letter from Peter Arundel, Senior Instructor, standing for me in order to sanction the British Royal Automobile Club to issue the first international FIA racing driver license to a Brazilian fellow under British representation. 

( * ) Got hold of international racing driver license under the assistance of the Royal Automobile Club - U.K.        

First Brazilian to win in England a international race. (22nd Tourist Trophy).                            

Contract with Rhodia, Renner, Shell to represent Brazil in Europe as a racing driver. 

Contracted by Stirling Moss to race under the S.M.A.R.T ( Stirling Moss Automobile Racing Team) racing team.                    

( * ) (The Brazilian Confederation of Motor Racing was not recognized by the FIA - Federation Internationale de L'Automobile – Paris, up to four month after England accepted to license a Brazilian racing driver standing for the British flag.  

With the help of the British authorities in the motor racing sport and my personal action as a sportsman, the Brazilian Confederation of Motor racing was forced to put forward to the sport international jurisdiction, action resulting in international access to Brazilian racing drivers which was not permitted. 

( cont.)   Brazilian Champion in Formula Car Racing. 

President and founder of the first South American Motor Racing School. 

Special course for Traffic Department of Rio de Janeiro. 

Special course for the Firemen Service of Rio de Janeiro. 

Special course to the Military Police and ambulance drivers.     

Preparation of police operated vehicles. 

Contracted to race cars for Fittipaldi Racing  Team - São Paulo.  

Victor Award for the best driver in Formula cars granted by North American Formula 1 World Champion Phill Hill and president of the Victor Civita publishing. President of the Brazilian Association of Racing Drivers.  

Acquired credit from I.R.S. of the Federative Republic of Brazil of the status of "racing driver" as a profession for income taxes purpose. 

Winner of the 22nd Tourist Trophy – Formula Ford   First  Brazilian racing driver to win in England. 

Award as the best test & development driver. 

Organizer and participant of the (*)British United Airline Cup of 1970. BUA 

First international participation of Brazil in international racing since 1954).                     

Recognition by the I.R.S of the " autonomous racing driver " as a profession to the Brazilian racing drivers and co-related activity as to legal administrate and govern one's income and professional life. 

International contract to represent the British & American Tobacco Co. through Companhia de Cigarros Souza Cruz in motor racing, and organization of racing team in all major categories. 

Stage motor racing practice in England on behalf of The British & American Tobacco Co. 

Brought out "The Guidelines of Modern Racing Car Business & Sponsorship Reciprocal" remains the guideline to the Brazilian Confederation of Automobile, drivers and sponsors marketing projects. 

Project and design of a sport prototype. 

Production of 14 prototypes. 

Collection of five wins. 

Sport Prototype Div. IV 2 Liter State of São Paulo Champion 

Design and creation of the first one piece aircraft material and structure (monocoque) formula car in South America. 

Champion in the rank of formula cars constructors 

Champion in the rank of formula cars constructors. 

Design and development of a One Ton Urban Transport Truck. 

Champion in the rank of formula cars construction. 

  • (1974) - Champion in the rank of formula cars constructors    
  • (1975) - Champion in the rank of formula cars constructors   
  • (1976) - Champion in the rank of formula cars constructors   
  • (1977) - Champion in the rank of formula cars constructors    
  • (1978) - Champion in the rank of formula cars constructors   
  • (1979) - Champion in the rank of formula cars constructors   
  • (1980) - Champion in the rank of formula cars constructors 

84 single seated cars were produced by  Polar Racing Enterprises from 1974 to 1978  and 7 times Formula Car Brazilian Championship Winner. 

Became # 1  Worldwide manufacturer of Formula Super Ve in Maria da Graça, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Many important racing drivers started their careers with Polar Racing Enterprises racing formula single seated car. Among those, Nelson Piquet forged his brilliant career and became three times Formula One World Champion for Brazil.  

International advisor and consultant attached to numerous Brazilian automotive projects.  

Technical and Marketing partner for the CLR Formula III project for Embraer/Petrobrás. 1994/1997 (Youtube) 

Racing track supervisor and test manager for racing driver William Freire. 1996 / 2001 

2009 Construction of the Lobini II rolling chassis (Youtube) 

Construction of a vintage replica based on Alfa Romeo 2500 SS designed by the brothers De Mola, Belgium 1939. 

Please be acquainted through YOUTUBE / achcar747  Major references with Google: Images – Ricardo Achcar 


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